How Can I learn Finance?

There are many ways to learn finance, including online classes, reading financial publications, learning from Financial Planners, Financial Training, and Finance Books.

What does a Financial Planner do?

A Financial Planner helps you make decisions about your finances to ensure that goals are achieved efficiently. While financially literate people can make business decisions, a Financial Planner can improve the quality of decisions made. Hiring a Financial Planner has several great benefits and it is worth considering.

What is a Living Benefit option?

A living benefit is an option that can be added to a life insurance contract. It enables the policy owner to apply for advanced payments on the death benefit during his lifetime. This policy is commonly referred to as accelerated death benefit.

What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and Accountant?

The Bookkeeper and the Accountant sometimes perform the same tasks. Being more specific, it is the job of the Bookkeeper to record transactions and keep the finance well organized. On the other hand, the Accountant analyzes the financial data and provides advice based on the financial situation.

What is the difference between QuickBooks and Bookkeeping?

QuickBooks is a financial software that is used by small and mid-sized businesses to record their financial transactions. On the other hand, Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions in an organization. In conclusion, QuickBooks is a software that can be used for Bookkeeping.

Do beneficiaries pay taxes on Life Insurance policies?

Proceeds received from Life insurance death benefits are not taxable, therefore beneficiaries don’t need to report them. However, interests received are taxable.

What are the benefits of Life Insurance?

Life Insurance provides an infusion of funds to a registered beneficiary in the event of the insured’s death. Unlike other forms of insurance, Life Insurance gets a favorable tax treatment.  Life Insurance also has the benefit of being exchanged for other policies or annuities.

What’s the difference between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro?

QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro are the different versions of the same accounting software. Both products are used by businesses to manage income and expenses. The major difference between these two is that QuickBooks Premier offers industry-specific versions with powerful reporting on inventory. QuickBooks Pro on the other hand is more generic.

Do I need QuickBooks for my small business?

QuickBooks is a powerful software that small business owners will find useful. The software is easy to use and it allows business owners to manage their taxes easily. It also keeps financial data safe and secure, ensuring you don’t lose them.

How does Bookkeeping help a business?

Bookkeeping is an important step in accounting, that focuses on helping organizations compile financial data. The financial data provided by the bookkeeper allows the organization to stay compliant with the law, plan for the future, and to create a better relationship with banks.

What does a Bookkeeper do in a small business?

A Bookkeeper records transaction in a small business, ensuring that taxes, payments, and expenses are monitored. The information gotten from the records can be used to make better informed financial decisions.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions in an organization including expenditure and income. It is a major part of accounting that is required by businesses.

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