Delaware Life Annuity

The Delaware Life Insurance Company offers various life annuity plans to provide you with a continuous source of income. People have the option of choosing between a fixed annuity with accruing interests and indexed annuities in which rate can be boosted based on the performance of the stock. The right financial advisor will help you in the process of selecting the best Delaware Life Annuity plan.

There are two ways in which annuities can be purchased. They can be purchased with pre-tax dollars which results in taxable payment from the annuities. On the other hand, if you purchase annuities using after-tax funds, you are only required to pay tax on your earnings.

  • Our tax professionals can help you answer any questions you have about taxes.
  • Trusting a tax professional with your life insurance gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on other things.
  • We take the best steps to help you avoid unnecessary loss of funds in the form of taxation.
  • You can consult with us to select the best annuities and insurance plan for you.

Eagle Eye can be the financial advisor that you need. Our financial experts can help you make the best decisions regarding life insurance plans. We take into consideration the client’s details such as priorities, retirement age, mode of management, and retirement plan to select the best life annuity product. Contact us today to get started.

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Final Expense Life Insurance is an insurance policy with death benefits. Unlike regular life insurance, final expense life insurance is more affordable. They come with a death benefit designed to cover expenses of a funeral and memorial service, casket, embalming, and cremation. Another advantage of the death benefit from final expense life insurance is that they can be used for whatever the beneficiary deems fit.

Life Insurance with Living benefits is designed with policies that can make the death benefit accessible by you while you are still alive. These insurance policies come with optional features that allow you to access a portion of your death benefit if you are faced with any chronic or terminal illness. Eagle Eye together with various partners can make these plans available to you in the easiest way.

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